The best marinade for rack of pork ribs

I took a week off CrossFit and kind of week off Paleo as well, in that I had rice and ice cream and sweets and chocolate and I even had a (drum roll)… almond croissant for breakfast on Thursday in a cafe right next to Temple tube station in London. Yes indeed, I was in… 

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scandinavian cucumber salad

Scandinavian cucumber salad

Not much cooking going on at the moment, the sun came out and the temperatures shot up to an insane +16C, oh yes. This is enough for sunbathing if you find shelter from the wind, believe it or not. Me and my friend Sally did an amazing walk from Gara Rock to East Portlemouth and back,… 

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Paleo brownies with salted caramel

Paleo salted caramel brownies

It is funny how something we leave behind comes back into your life and you realise that they belong in it. This weekend I rekindled an old friendship with someone I have not spoken with in years, we fell out some time ago over something that now seems so trivial. The love is still there,… 

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Vanilla chia seed pudding with orange zest and raspberries

Does anyone watch Masterchef? I turned it on again this evening but couldn’t cope with the tension and the potential kitchen disaster looming around every corner. The pomposity of it is marvellous though, and the way everything is so… deconstructed. But I just wanted the give the guy with the burnt duck dish, which looked like an… 

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Beetroot salad with mustard seeds and tarragon

Breaking: our town is going to have an ice cream parlour. That’s all the exciting news from Kingsbridge this week. Or maybe ‘parlour’ is pushing it a bit. An ice cream shop. I want them to make paleo ice cream, but I bet they won’t. I also really want a spring wardrobe that can be… 

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Paleo walnut and date muffin

Paleo date and walnut muffins

Yes well it seems there is hope, we have turned the corner and another apocalyptic 5-month downpour is finally coming to an end. I have been in the water twice in the past two weeks, paddleboarding in the waves in Bantham (too big, got my ass kicked) and kitesurfing last Saturday, and although it took… 

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Chocolate courgette layer cake

I declare the paleo bread experiment a failure. I spent the entire sunny Sunday afternoon detonating a flour bomb in my kitchen because for some reason I wanted a sodding sandwich. Husband took the children and dogs out for a walk and left me cussing at the oven and by the time they returned, I… 

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Cardamom and rose petal ice cream (paleo, dairy free)

Cardamom and rose petal ice cream

I have manage to pick up an injury while training chest-to-bar pull ups, it’s a lats strain and means two weeks of rehab with no bar work. It’s my own fault, literally a few days before I was bragging to a group of ladies how I have not had so much as a niggle since… 

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Paleo Southern Fried Chicken

We had some friends over for dinner last night, CrossFit friends so that everyone could talk about CrossFit without boring anyone to brink of death. We did cover other topics as well , like body art, and taxidermy. Wine was had. We used every available glass in the house. I cooked pan-fried scallops with swedish… 

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Gravad lax – Salt cured salmon

Every now and again I get huge pangs of homesickness, especially in the winter. In the absence of snow, food is the perfect cure. There are times when I could eat gravad lax, or graavilohi in Finnish, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and this week was one of those times. Whenever I make this, I… 

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Raw paleo cheesecake with raspberry and pomegranate compote

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 CrossFit Open is upon us. Pretty exciting, huh?! We had our first group of athletes take on 14.1 on Friday morning, and the vibe was electrifying!! The double unders made some guys pretty emotional, but many succeeded in linking their first ones when they couldn’t do DUs at all! I… 

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Beetroot crisps

Beetroot crisps (or beetroot chips in the US)

I am heroically trying to wean the kids off junk food, grains and sugar. I get to pick them up from school every day, which is great, by 3.30pm I am happy to see them and they are happy to see me. They go to a small village primary school of no more than 130… 

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lemon and poppyseed berry cake 1

Lemon and poppy seed berry cake

We should all grow our own food, at least some of it. Really, we should. You only have to trawl through a few TED talks and watch a few videos about permaculture, all that abundance of produce and beautiful gardens. I am ready to jump on that pony and ride it all the way to the good… 

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Breakfast smoothie soup

Breakfast smoothie soup

I saw the idea for this at The Cavery, my favourite Instagramer. Although I did not have the patience to arrange all the ingredients into a beautiful symmetrical display of paradise island colours, but you get the picture. This is not even a recipe as such, more an idea, a concept, leaving you free to… 

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